AMOC Intermarque Donington Park 2015

I’ve been slow to update this post since Donington Park. I was punted off in the race, the other driver was deemed at fault by the Clark of the Course, and no real punishment was leveled.

The car hit the pit wall at the entrance to the pit lane at the end of the 5th lap of the race. The battle was for 2nd place overall and the other car involved was attempting to pit. Our 964 hit the wall at 77.6mph and caused severe damage to the LHS of the car. Every panel is bent, the door won’t open and the suspension is broken at the front and rear along with a drive shaft and steering rack.

The video shows the incident, it also shows the great start we made moving from 6th to 2nd by the first corner. We had every chance of winning this race and that was unfairly taken away.

The car is going to be out of action for a significant amount of time, and we will probably have to miss the rest of the season.