AMOC Intermarque Silverstone National 2017

Final race of the season at Silverstone, on the national circuit. I haven’t had time to write reports for the last 2 races since the birth of my first daughter Annabelle seems to have taken up most of my time. Anyway, since we won at Rockingham, we then went to Snetterton and won there too, and we were in with a good chance of a win at Brands Hatch when we retired the car as we had a misfire and wanted to save the engine. Turns out it was a faulty kill switch killing the power. So, with that replaced we went to Silverstone for the finale.

We tested Friday afternoon, and the car seemed to be working well, so we scrubbed in the race day tyres and went home feeling confident about race day.

Race day was cold, but fortunately dry. With 40 cars out in qualifying we set out to warm the tyres quickly and find some free air on the track. Within the first 4 laps I’d gone half a second quicker than Friday and what we thought was good for pole position. 10 minutes sat in the pits watching the times behind us fall, then we thought we’d lose pole so we went again for the last few minutes of the session. We improved the lap time, but a Professional driver in a similar Porsche managed to beat us to pol position. After 4 races this season, we’ve qualified 2nd for every one of them, one day we’ll get a pole!

The race had a rolling start, and with 2 races forming the total grid it got a bit stretched out at the start, it was probably fortunate for us as it gave a clear view of the first corner pile up ahead and we were able to avoid it by using all the tarmac run off Silverstone provides. The race was red flagged and the grid was reset without the 6 cars involved in the incident.

The second rolling start was somewhat more cautious from those ahead, and we all made it through the first lap unscathed. Ahead was James Neal in the pole sitting 964 and James Hilliard who made up places off the rolling start. Both James’ overtaken in the first couple of laps, and we managed to get one or two of the slower GT cars between us which helped fend off a determined James Hilliard. After several laps we had pulled a manageable lead of around 3 seconds when we came in for an early pitstop. After the pits we didn’t have any challenge from behind, we suspected James Neal would hand over to the very fast Ryan Hooker, so we pushed as hard as possible waiting for the pressure to come, but unfortunately, they had a gearbox issue and had to retire the car.

We continued to push hard, the messages from the pit board were mixed, showing variation between P2 and P1, so we just continued to push as hard as possible all the way to the end. At the end of the race we’d lapped the entire field of cars, but the Clerk of the Course had given us a 30 second penalty for pitting outside our pitstop window. As we’d pushed so hard all the way to the finish the penalty didn’t affect the result, and we won our 3rd race of the season. We entered 4 out of the 6 races, had one DNF and won the other three which gave us 8th in the championship and winner of Class E. Overall a good season, the car has been put away undamaged and we can start to think about next year now.

Photos and video to follow shortly.