The Jura Type 1 is designed from the ground up to be a pure racing car. It is a steel space frame incorporating the roll cage in the structure to save weight, without compromising strength, complimented with the beautiful 206 Dino body. The only original part from the Ferrari is the windscreen.

Currently finished is chassis 1, and now in the testing and development phase of the project. It is just under 800kg dry and has 200hp from its Ford Duratec 4 cylinder naturally aspirated engine, the combination makes for a very fast exciting ride. Jura Type 1 is hand build by Aston Martin marque specialist AML, so the standard of fit and finish is very high and nearly every component is powder coated for durability and looks. We intend to develop chassis 1 further as a race car and then build a road legal variant with improved sound insulation and driver comforts. Then we intend to sell a short production run of cars built to the customers specifications. It would be fantastic to build and sell enough cars to have our own series of Jura’s but if not its eligible to race in AMOC Intermarque as well as CSCC and 750mc series.

With the raising costs of classic motorsport, Jura was envisaged to end that. With only 800kg to move we don’t need a vastly powerful engine, so the car is very fuel efficient, light on brakes and tyres too. The wishbones and uprights are from Lotus, so if you crash you don’t need to rely on us to make you new parts, you just call a lotus specialist and get them off the shelf.

So we have classic looks, modern performance and safety, and economical running costs, whats not to like?

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