Mercedes Pagoda V8 rental

Ruth and Annabelle were on holiday in Wales in Pennal for 2 weeks, I couldn’t take the time off work, so I was only able to join them for the middle weekend. So pushed for time, I wanted to make the weekend that extra bit special for me. I collected the V8 Pagoda from TCIF’s barn very early Friday morning and left my regular wheels behind.

The trip up the M1, M6, M54 was torrential rain, but the Merc’s heater kept me warm and visibility was actually very good.

Infact most of the journey to Wales was fairly uneventful with terrible weather and heavy traffic, but after 200 I arrived feeling fairly relaxed, the Mercs lovely big padded leather seats helping.

Now where this car came alive was The Sunday drive back to civilisation, the roads through the Welsh mountain roads were empty the sun was out and the V8 has a certain bark that only a Mercedes can have. With the V8 out front this Mercedes needs to be driven like an American muscle car, which is no bad thing, plan corners well ahead, brake early and get on the throttle at just the right time to propel yourself up the road towards the next bend. Once I was done with the Welsh back roads, I arrived on the A5, with dual carriageways and roundabouts, I loved seeing the modern cars line up an overtake coming into a roundabout only to be blown away on the acceleration. Even the final stint on the motorway back to TCIF was a joy, cruising at a comfortable 70, I noticed how many people pay this beautiful car attention, I’ve never had so many thumbs up driving any car. A real pleasure, thanks to the guys at TCIF.

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