Silverstone 6th April 2013

Silverstone race report

Qualifying: The weather was fine and dry, which made a nice change from last year’s torrential rain. Qualifying didn’t go to plan. After 4 laps the throttle linkage failed and I ground to a halt at the right hander of Beckets. On the last of the 4 laps I did the fastest lap I have ever done at Silverstone, which put me 11th on the grid.

I spent the next 2 hours with my head in the footwell trying my best to bodge the throttle linkage back together. With about 30 minutes before the race I managed to get the linkage back together and the floor back in the car ready to race.

Race: Lining up on the grid I was expecting the throttle linkage to fall apart after the first couple of laps. So the plan was to go out and enjoy the start and the hectic opening laps and if I get any further it would be a bonus.

I made a good start and made up a few places in the opening laps. My fastest lap was the 3rd lap of the race, and it was all down hill after that. Having only 4 laps in qualifying and parking out on track meant I wasn’t able to set tyre pressures for the race, we also didn’t take into account the rise in temperature in the afternoon. The tyres pressures were set way too high and after 3 laps the tyres started to go off, as the tyres started to overheat this caused the brakes to also overheat, and after the first 10 minutes of the race I had to start to nurse the car home.

In the pit stop we decided to drop the tyre pressures, they were so high the stop took about 20 seconds longer than it should have. This left me with some work to do after the stop and I set about making up some positions. I worked my way back up to 10th overall and 2nd in class. With a quickly deteriorating car I was very pleased to see the chequered flag.