Snetterton 300 race 2013 report

Coming into the final round of the championship we had a chance to win class B and the Porsche team could win the teams championship. We did an afternoons testing the day before to get up to speed with the circuit, and make sure the car was ok after the long summer break. We had a good afternoon and managed to scrub 2 sets of tyres in for the following day.

Race day: Going into qualifying we had the advantage of having recent running the day before, so I was confident going into the session. By the end of the first lap the safety car was deployed and the we had 3 laps not being able to go quick. Once we were back to green i got a couple of laps in and managed to qualify 12th. I was disappointed that I hadn’t gone as fast as Friday testing, but 12th was ok considering Snetterton is a power circuit and we are one of the least powerful cars on the grid.

The front row of the rolling start didn’t want to wait the rest of the grid to form through the final corner, ┬áso the start was a flat out sprint from thee exit of the last corner, which meant I had no chance to make up positions. By the second and third corners I was able to challenge the guys in front, and ┬áthis lead to a good fun first half of the race. I overtook Stephen Archer into Agostini hairpin securing 1st place in class. I pulled a small gap but lost this when the safety car came out. I took this as an opportunity to take my pit stop. After the stop the race settled down and I had quite a lonely second half of the race.

I finished in 9th place overall and 1st in class. This was only my 2nd class win of the season but it secured the class championship, and the Porsche team won the teams championship.

So the end of a great season, with 2 championships and a race car in 1 piece.

Snetterton AMOC intermarque 2013